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SPECIAL COMBINATIONS  >  Special Model No Belly Chain 1
Special Model No Belly Chain 1 Back
Image of Special Model No Belly Chain 1
Product Special Model No Belly Chain 1
Price £45.90

This large belly chain will fit any prisoner up to 40 inches round the waist.  The handcuffs are approximately 23 inches (59 cm) apart.  As this product is made to order in our workshops please feel free to order this combination in a smaller or bigger size.  The belly chain is popular for use on prisoners who are outside their cell.  Anchoring the hands apart makes it very difficult for even the most determined prisoner to assault the prison officer.

You will notice that we have improved this item recently, adding a snap hook.  This means that it is ready to use and no longer needs a padlock.

Out of stock, please email handcuffshop@gmail.com for re-stocking details.
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