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Yuil handcuffs are made by the Yuil Corporation in South Korea.  Founded in 1992 the company has gone from strength to strength. We stock the entire range of handcuffs and restraints and we reckon it is one of the best collections around.   Any weight saving for a busy law enforcement officer is a bonus and Yuil alluminium handcuffs really help in this area without sacrificing security.  Yuil now export to many countries including, China, the Philippines, India and Venezuela to name just a few.  The new range of 'K' series handcuffs are now fully in stock.

Yuil Combination, Model No CY-3
Yuil handcuffs and leg irons combination, Model Number CY-3
Price £82.90
Yuil handcuffs, Model No M-09 K
Yuil aluminium handcuffs, Model Number M-09 K
Price £39.90
Yuil handcuffs, Model No M-11 K
Yuil aluminium handcuffs, model number M-11 K
Price £43.50
Yuil handcuffs, Model No Y-01 K
Yuil handcuffs with chain, Model Number Y-01 K
Price £33.90
Yuil hinged handcuffs, Model No M-11-1 K
Yuil handcuffs, Model Number M-11-1 K
Price £43.50
Yuil Webbing handcuffs, Model No B 800
Yuil B 800 Webbing Handcuffs
Price £47.50
Yuil, Model No CY-1
Yuil combination gang chain, Model Number CY-1
Price £49.90
Yuil, Model No CY-2-18
Yuil handcuffs with 18 inch chain, Model Number CY-2-18
Price £32.90
Yuil, Model No CY-2-24
Yuil handcuffs with 24 inch chain, Model Number CY-2-24
Price £34.90
Yuil, Model No M-01
Yuil Handcuffs, Model Number M-01
Price £25.90
Yuil, Model No M-03
Yuil rigid with hoop, Model Number M-03
Price £35.50
Yuil, Model No M-03-1
Yuil rigid, Model Number M-03-1
Price £34.90
Yuil, Model No M-05
Yuil thumbcuffs, Model Number M-05
Price £14.70
Yuil, Model No M-09
Yuil alluminium handcuffs, Model Number M-09
Price £29.50
Yuil, Model No M-09 RED
Yuil alluminium handcuffs, Model Number M-09 RED
Price £32.90
Yuil, Model No M-09PINK
Yuil alluminium handcuffs, Model Number M-09 PINK
Price £32.90
Yuil, Model No M-11
Yuil hinged alluminium handcuffs, Model Number M-11
Price £38.20
Yuil, Model No M11-1
Yuil Nickel plated hinged handcuffs, Model Number M-11-1
Price £32.90
Yuil, Model No MY-005
Yuil leg irons, Model Number MY-005
Price £52.90
Yuil, Model No Y-001
Yuil oversize handcuffs, Model Number Y-001
Price £24.90