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ALFA PROJ  >  Alfa Proj, Model No 9926
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Image of Alfa Proj, Model No 9926
Product Alfa Proj, Model No 9926
Price £112.80

This Alfa Proj transport belt is a simple leather belt with slots and a hasp. The chain is a loop. One point of the chain is fixed to the hasp. Once the belt, which has a solid steel layer sown in between the two layers of leather, has been applied to the prisoner, the chain is pulled through the hasp and the hinged handcuffs are then passed through the chain loop. Once locked on, the chain cannot be moved back out of the hasp and thus the belt is locked on.  The combination is sold with the hinged Nickel plated hinged double locking handcuffs (number 9922) and will fit any waist between 24 1/2 and 47 inches. 

Out of stock, please email sales@thehandcuffshop.com for re-stocking details.
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